youth for christ


About YFC Thailand

Early in 1973 Dr. Billy Kim, Rev. Leon Gold and Jet Lin had a meeting in Manila and agreed that Jet Lin would pioneer the YFC ministry in Thailand. He established this mission in mid-1973 as the first Director of Thailand YFC. For 48 years YFC has developed the ministry in Thai society with a clear mission to evangelize and make disciples of Thai youth during the leadership of four National Directors: Jet Lin (1973-1974); Dr. Chaiyun Ukosakul (1976-1984); Nitichet Sadudeewong (1984-2005); and Pattawit Onkchareon (2005-present).

YFC Thailand Youth Challenge and Online Evangelism

We focus on sharing the Gospel to students under year 12 as the statistics of other YFC countries indicates that the youth in that age are more open-minded. YFC will not plant a church but works in partnership with local churches through three main strategies.

  1. Power: Proactive evangelism.
  2. Ants devour elephants: Share the Gospel and make disciples through youth volunteers.
  3. Partnership: Work together with churches and other organizations.

After the pandemic of COVID-19, we have explored every new way to share the Gospel and make disciples via online channels along with face-to-face ministry.

Prayer Needs
  • Wisdom in developing outreach packages for schools and colleges
  • Lifeskills center development where many types of training will be offered for young people
  • Continued effective ministry to the young
  • Increase in networking with local churches and organizations to maximize service to young people
  • Continued development of staff and volunteers