youth for christ


Because of you…

Ministry to the young people of Thailand includes student ministry, English classes and camp, mission teams, performing arts and a hotline.

Youth for Christ has a very effective two-part ministry focus-Christian Training and Outreach. Christian Training focuses on mobilizing youth evangelism through church and youth training. They produce and distribute materials that are sent over 2,000 churches in Thailand. In addition, Youth for Christ conducts large, bi-annual youth conferences that alternate their focus between challenging college-aged students to consider full-time ministry one year and equipping and challenging high school-aged youth to share their faith and reach others the next year.

Over half of our staff and volunteers focus on Outreach efforts to young people. From three centers across Thailand, staff and volunteers are building relationships with young people in schools and universities and sharing the love of Christ. The Bangkok ministry centre is located adjacent to a 20,000-person university. So, there is no shortage of young people to work with.

Prayer Needs
  • Wisdom in developing outreach packages for schools and colleges
  • Lifeskills center development where many types of training will be offered for young people
  • Continued effective ministry to the young
  • Increase in networking with local churches and organizations to maximize service to young people
  • Continued development of staff and volunteers